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Hey everyone! I am back today to share another round of Design Inspiration and this time we are talking about dining rooms. If you missed the first round on Master Bedrooms, make sure you check it out. Although the idea of a traditional dining room has definitely been evolving over the years and some new homes are eliminating them all together, I am still a sucker for a dedicated dining area. Garrison Street Design Studio - Design Inspiration | Dining RoomsThis post contains affiliate links.

The good news is, this is not your grandmother’s dining room! The days of super fancy furniture and things you are afraid to touch are long gone and many people are opting for a more casual space to entertain friends and family. I personally have been toying with some new ideas for our dining room and had a blast exploring the options. While our dining room plans remain undetermined, I have put together some awesome options for three very different styles.

First up is a bit retro. I totally adore mid century furnishings and geometric patterns so I created a vibrant, fun, and funky space perfect for those retro a heart. Maybe a suitable dining room for the Brady Bunch House HGTV just purchased? Man, I can’t wait to see what they do with it!Garrison Street Design Studio - Design Inspiration | Dining Rooms

Table | Chairs | Buffet | Rug | Wine Bar | Chandelier | Art | Curtains | Silver Candle Sticks | Silver Jack | Multi Colored Vases

Next is a bit more neutral and traditional, but still sports clean lines making it my take on Modern Farmhouse. With warm grays and and rustic wood furnishings, this space is cozy and inviting. Bench seating is a great option for kids and lends a more casual feel, perfect for everyday family dining.Garrison Street Design Studio - Design Inspiration | Dining Rooms

Table | Chairs | Bench | Buffet | Rug | Wine Art | Chandelier | Tree Ring Art | Curtains | Mirror | Black Candlesticks | Glass Bubble Vase | Modern Jack | Candle Holders

Lastly, I like to think this dining room combines a little bit of both with a Boho Casual Modern feel. Still sporting natural wood tones and casual bench seating offset by pops of color and geometric pattern. An electric fireplace keeps the room cozy, but its clean modern lines give it a level of sophistication perfect for a dinner party.Garrison Street Design Studio - Design Inspiration | Dining Rooms

Table | Chairs | Bench | Buffet | Rug | Fireplace | Chandelier | Art | Curtains | Mirror | Black Candle Stick Holders | Geometric Candle Holder

I had so much fun designing these dining rooms! I have so much to consider for ours. Do you have a favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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Garrison Street Design Studio - Design Inspiration | Dining Rooms

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