Stylish Long Length Curtains

Happy Friday Friends! Earlier this week I shared my tips and tricks for hanging curtains to maximize your space. Spoiler alert, choose the long length curtains and hang em high and wide. But make sure you check out the post because I shared my very first on camera video on the blog! In the spirit of all things curtains, I thought it would be useful to share where you can find long length curtains, right now! Here are some of my fav picks! PS. Most of them also come in additional colors 😉 Garrison Street Design Studio - Stylish Long Length Curtains
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I love curtains! Not the old style ones with tie backs, sheers, or anything with a valance, but simple curtain panels that frame a window and add style to the space. If you gasped as you read that top part, I’m sorry, but it’s true. The time has come to ditch the tie backs and valances. If you hang them as I have suggested, you won’t even have a need for tie backs. To maximize the room, curtains do not need bangs, lol, they should touch the floor. With these simple tweaks, your space will feel like a whole new room! I even used number five in our master bedroom.

Stylish Long Length Curtains

Garrison Street Design Studio - Stylish Long Length Curtains

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Curtains are an easy and simple way to add a lot of style to room and not break the bank. If you keep the color palette in the room neutral via paint and furnishings, you can swap out your curtains for a whole new look when you need a change! Many of us are definitely feeling like a change is in order these days, so give yourself an update in scenery and swap out your curtains! Just make sure you choose the 95 inch length for maximum impact 😉

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Garrison Street Design Studio - Stylish Long Length Curtains

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