Happy Friday everyone! Even though we are in the middle of our master suite renovation, I have been craving little projects lately, so today I am bringing you one that literally takes 10 minutes! Who likes cheese? Wine? Both? Now we’re talking! We love a little cheese with our wine and of course presentation is always important to me. Which leads me to today’s 10 minute DIY serving tray. Seriously, 10 minutes! Fifteen to add the cheese and pour the wine 🙂I have been known to slightly hoard extra decor pieces and wouldn’t you know, I have a sizable stock pile of unused cabinet hardware which I have been wanting to re-purpose. Some of this hardware is left over from multi packs I didn’t need all of and some are just swap outs from old pieces. While I have plenty of serving plates, I don’t always like using those outdoors in case they are dropped and I have been craving something wooden. Then, I was leisurely strolling through the aisles of my beloved HomeGoods and noticed this bamboo cutting board. Plain, simple, and perfect for a serving tray with some added handles! And at only $5 ($4.99 to be exact) the price was right! I snagged the cutting board and went home to consult my arsenal of hardware. I decided to utilize the handles I originally used in our half bath before we renovated it.Then I measured and marked the location I needed to drill my holes.The method I used to mark them was a little unconventional, but effective. I cut a piece of painters tape just a tad longer than the width of the cutting board. Then I centered the piece of tape over the handles upside down and used a pencil to poke holes in the tape. Then I laid the tape down on the edge of the cutting board to mark where I needed to drill the holes for the screws.I did this to both ends of the cutting board. Before I drilled the holes, I measured to make sure they were in the same location on both ends and equal distance from the top and bottom.  Then I used the drill to make my holes. I left the tape in place for this part to protect the wood. Then I attached my handles.Seriously, 10 minutes! Now to add the yummy stuff. A little white cheddar, colby jack, and bellavitano merlot. Have you tried this merlot cheese yet? It’s to die for! And don’t forget the wine 🙂This 10 minute serving tray is perfect for entertaining and anyone can tackle this project!Can you believe I thrifted that decanter for only $7?!If you enjoy reading along, subscribe to my newsletter so you never miss a post! And don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

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