I can’t believe it’s 2018 already! Like most people, I have been thinking a lot about 2017 and evaluating how I can make the new year even better and finally check some long overdue projects off my list. So here’s a look at what I plan to accomplish in 2018.

My first goal, you all should see coming from a mile away. Finish the master bathroom. Seriously. You could say we have been a bit unmotivated on this one or perhaps distracted is the word I am looking for? Either way, this thing needs to get done, like ASAP before we hit the one year mark. This is the current state of the bathroom. Second, I am setting a resolution to get organized and stay organized! This one won’t be easy, but I have learned from my closet overhaul the key is to give everything a proper home. Without this, the organization is only temporary and unsustainable. I mean why do you think you have never seen a picture of our basement? Haha!

Third. I have a fun outdoor project planned for the spring, but I won’t be sharing anymore on that until later 🙂 But I am very excited about this one.

Fourth, I have a laundry list of small projects I have been wanting to complete for some time now. One of which is to add a proper mantle to the fireplace. 

Fifth. Almost every room in our house has been painted and re-designed more than once, except the living room/dining room. I think it’s safe to say some changes might be coming for this area.

Sixth. This one will all hinge on budget. Ever since we bought That 70s House I have always disliked the front door. It has an ornate carving on it that never really made sense to me and I am lusting for one with glass to let the light in! This one is currently at the top of my wish list, but if budget doesn’t allow, I may just have to settle for a can of paint on this one. See what I mean? Is that a dragon lion? I’m so confused. 

And finally, there may be some cameo appearances of my mom’s house. She has been begging for some slave labor, I mean design services, ever since we finished her kitchen. We will see what time allows. 

Stick around to see how 2018 unfolds!

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