When we contracted our new granite for the kitchen face lift, we also bid out our wet bar in the family room. Do you remember what this thing looked like when we first bought That 70s House? Well, it looked like the 70s! Fully equipped with faux leather counter tops. Yep, you heard me correctly, FAUX LEATHER! Not kidding. It was laughable.

Told you. I’m sure you can understand why I didn’t want to hold on to this amazing piece of history that only reminded us that people were doing a bit too many drugs in the 70s.  While we wanted a stone, we didn’t want this counter top to be the same as the kitchen. We picked a basic level 1 granite called Santa Cecilia. We only needed about 8 sqft so our fabricator gave us a deal on a remnant he already had. Due to some timing mishaps on his part, we ended up getting the bar done for only $200! What a deal! Along with the granite, we added a new sink and faucet and I painted the cabinets and swapped out the hardware with some of the leftovers from the kitchen. On the cabinets I used Phantom Mist by Olympic in a semi-gloss finish.

What a huge improvement! I was so excited to see that faux leather countertop go! Want to see the rest of the downstairs project? Click here to see the rest of the family room, here to see the bathroom, here to see the office.

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