Hi and welcome to my blog! I am Lisa and I am OBSESSED with design! For as long as I can remember, decorating and design have been my passion. Seriously, how many 12 year olds do you know that like walking through the neighborhood model homes? True story. Sadly, my career took me in a completely different direction, but I have always kept design in my heart and practiced it on my own. Now after 12 years in corporate America as a financial accountant, I am taking a risk and starting my own blog.  I want to share my creative side with everyone and hopefully inspire others to make their home beautiful and follow their passions.  So if you are reading this, thank you and I hope you keep reading! I have to say that starting this was one of the scariest things I have ever done. What if no one likes me? (I know it sounds like I am five and off to my first day of Kindergarten!).  But seriously, the reality of not being good enough is a scary thing, but I have decided it is a risk I am willing to take. Most great things in life don't come easy. So here it goes. And I hope you like me or at least my designs 🙂

I grew up in the St. Louis metro area and that is where I ultimately met my amazing husband and best friend Barry who puts up with and loves all my shades of crazy and supports my addiction to design! I love you honey! The year we got married we decided to make a huge life change, in addition to getting married, and decided to  move to Colorado on a whim. We had already planned our wedding in STL and booked all our vendors but then we came out to Denver on a ski trip and totally fell in LOVE with Colorado! I know it sounds insane and at times I thought we were crazy for doing it but it was the best decision we ever made (other than marrying each other 🙂 ). So now we live in beautiful Denver, Colorado! If you have never been, you should definitely visit sometime. And yes, we ski.

In addition to loving all things design & decorating I love dogs, wine, traveling, & food! This is our fur baby Moka who is a miniature pinscher/dachshund mix. She is spoiled rotten but she is so sweet! She is such a momma's girl. She makes me smile when I am sad and she is always happy to see me!

We drink wine often and hope to someday have our own wine room in the house.......how cool would that be! If you asked my husband, it would be hidden behind a faux bookcase that only opened when you pulled out the right book, lol! Maybe someday honey 🙂 We took a trip to Napa a few years ago and can't wait to go back. Not only is the wine AMAZING, so is the scenery!

We love to go on vacation, usually somewhere tropical where our hardest decision is what drink to order next. There are so many places on our wish list to see but our lives are busy and when we get a week off from work and all of the house projects I have up my sleeve, we truly just want to relax. This was one of our favorite spots we found in Antigua on a recent cruise to Southern Caribbean. A little slice of paradise!

We love good food and like watching the Food Network and coming up with new things to try. Lucky for me, Barry likes to cook and he is pretty good at it! I do like to cook as well but most of the time we do it together, with wine 🙂 You will find wine is a common theme no matter what we are doing. 

Most of the time when we aren't working at our full time jobs, we are working on our house which I affectionately refer to as "That 70s House" because, well, it was built in the 70s and needed a good amount of work when we bought it.

Many of the posts on this blog are about the work and the transformations we have made. In my early days of design I was often working with little to no budget, so I learned how to do a lot of things on my own and improvise with what I had. This was the beginning of DIY for me or as Barry would put it "the creation of a monster" 🙂 I have always approached DIY as, "there is nothing I can't learn to do", not to be confused with, "I don't want to learn how to do that". Because lets be honest sometimes there are projects you would just rather let someone else do. ​

My design style tends to be more modern with clean lines with a little bling but livable at the same time. I am always looking for new ways to challenge myself in design and new avenues to pull inspiration from. I also like pulling in elements that speak to me even if they aren't a normal pairing.  I love classic pieces, mid century modern and industrial, as well as a little rustic design. Just because something isn't necessarily my style doesn't mean I can't see the beauty in it.

​So that’s a little about me and who I am. Hopefully you will get to know me more as you read through the chronicles of my life's passion and hopefully I inspire you along the way 🙂

Wedding photography by Kara Proehl, Bright Shot Photography.