A while back, Barry received this awesome wooden beer carrier with a bottle opener as a groomsmen gift from a friend’s wedding. Of course it also came stocked with beer! The important things. What a great gift and definitely more unique than the standard flask everyone has multiples of. Unfortunately, it is under utilized, which seems like such a shame!Because it’s such a cool piece, I wanted to give it another purpose. If you are reading for the first time, (welcome!), if you are a regular, (thank you!), you are probably familiar with my crazy OCD. With that OCD comes the absurd need for symmetry, beautiful ascetics, and things to coordinate. Which leads me to one of my big pet peeves. Unattractive condiment bottles! When we have a BBQ I always HATE putting the bottles on the table, but putting them in a dish is just so formal. It turns out the answer was right under my nose this whole time……..coordinating bottles paired with the beer carrier to display them! This way they can still be used on a regular basis and stored in the fridge, but displayed nicely when entertaining. I ordered these clear condiment bottles. And this is a similar wooden beer carrier but I have seen them on Amazon and plans for making them on Pinterest too 🙂 Then I picked up 6 condiments from the grocery store to fill the bottles.Have you tried the Jalapeno Ketchup?! We have been buying it for years now and I CAN’T live without it! Definitely a household favorite. We are also HUGE fans of BBQ sauce, if you can’t tell. It is very likely to find more condiments in our fridge than food at any given time. True story. So to get started I turned all the condiments upside down on top of the condiment bottles to let gravity do it’s thing and empty the contents. The BBQ sauces won the race by a long shot! While those filled, I made some labels for the bottles with these stickers I found at the Dollar Tree. I thought they worked quite well with the wood tone of the carrier.Once the bottles were full I added the lids and the stickers. Note, I did cut a little off the tip of each bottle with some scissors to get a better “flow” when the bottles are squeezed. Then I put them in the caddy and we were all set for a BBQ! Much prettier than the generic ketchup bottle, don’t you think? If you enjoy reading along, please subscribe to my newsletter so you never miss a post! And don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

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