When we first moved into That 70s House, we never used the office. Seriously. We could go days without even opening the door, and when we did it was to throw a stack of mail on the desk and promptly close the door behind us. But now, that has all changed. On a normal week I spend at least 6-8 hours in here working on blog posts. And one of my very worst habits is sitting with my legs crossed in the chair. This was fine and dandy when I was younger, but it reeks havoc on my knees now that I am 25, haha! When I designed the office, one of the big sacrifices I made was making the height of the desk a little taller than normal to accommodate the pieces I wanted to use. And since I am only 5’1″ this means my feet dangle when I sit all the way back in the chair 🙁 Go ahead and laugh. So I decided I needed a footstool to rest my feet on.Originally I thought I would make one from scratch, but then I saw this one at, where else, HomeGoods (come on get happy!). And I snagged it for just over $20. I loved the hairpin legs and the height is perfect for me to simply extend my legs from my chair like a recliner. But the fabric just didn’t jive with the office décor. Although it was pretty, I needed something a bit more on the gray side. After perusing the fabric store, I found this unexpected choice in an ombre gray and black flannel. I also picked up a remnant of a thicker gray fleece to add some additional padding to the stool, as well as line the fabric. All of this was just $6 on sale!To reupholster this cute little stool I only needed a few items; a screw driver, scissors, and a staple gun.I first detached the base from the seat of the stool using the screw driver. I then laid out my fabric face down and placed the seat in the center upside down.Next, I used the staple gun to attach both layers of fabric onto the seat. I started with staples on four sides of the circle like the 3, 6, 9, and 12 on a clock.Then I stapled the rest in sections of four, making sure to smooth out any bunches of fabric that would be showing on the top.Once all the fabric was secured, I used my scissors to trim off all of the excess.Finally, I re-attached the seat to the based using the screw driver. Now I have a comfy spot to rest my feet when I am working on blog posts! In fact, I have my feet up on it right now 😉 Wondering how the bathroom reno is going or what we have been up to outside of my blog posts? Check me out over on Instagram and Facebook for extra updates! And if you want to see what projects I have brewing next, follow me on Pinterest.

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  • I love this! Thanks for the inspiration! I’ve always been nervous to makeover anything when it comes to fabric, but you’ve made it look so simple here.

    • Thanks Anna! I am so glad it makes you more confident 🙂 It really isn’t that hard. I have faith you can handle it 😉

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