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DIY Outdoor Sunbed

Today, we are making a DIY Outdoor Sunbed! After weeks of working on our new pool, we finally had a chance to enjoy it over the long holiday weekend! If you missed the big reveal, check it out here. Nothing beats a warm sunny day poolside with a mojito in hand, but right away I realized something was missing. The minor miss on the pool actually had nothing to do with the stock tank pool itself, but rather the lack of a poolside lounger to lay out in. First world problems right? But my not 20 something year old body needed a softer spot to lay than the deck. DIY Outdoor SunbedThis post contains affiliate links. For more information, please see my policies.

As I laid uncomfortably on my pool deck and pretended I was on the beach in Mexico, I immediately wished I had one of those luxurious sunbeds you find at all the top resorts. My mind jumped into hyper speed as I schemed and recalled the abandoned twin size mattress collecting dust in our basement. I definitely did not feel like building anything after all the time we spent constructing our deck. I wanted a simple, fast solution that would have me laying poolside in no time. That’s when my easy sunbed with only four steps was born. Here is what you will need.

DIY Outdoor Sunbed Supplies

1 Twin Size Mattress
1 Twin Zippered Waterproof Mattress Cover
8 Cinder Blocks
1 Twin Size Fitted Sheet

Step 1: Choose where you will put your sunbed and layout your cinder blocks. I placed the blocks long ways in four rows of two blocks each with the holes facing down. I found this placement to be the most sturdy. Since a mattress usually sits on a box spring or platform, you want the blocks to support as much of the mattress as possible. Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Outdoor Sunbed

Step 2: Cover your sunbed with a zippered waterproof cover. The one I used is a full encasement. I do not recommend using one that will not cover the entire mattress. You want the mattress to be protected from bugs and water. The mattress I used is about 9 inches thick. I had no problems getting the zippered cover on and had room to spare.Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Outdoor SunbedStep 3: Add your fitted sheet. I used a regular fitted sheet on mine in a black and white stripped pattern. It reminded me of the cabana sunbeds you see at resorts, so I was sold! The zippered cover is basically plastic so I didn’t want to be laying on that. Yes the sheet will get dirty outside, but it can be washed when needed. Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Outdoor Sunbed

Step 4: Pour yourself a drink and enjoy your new DIY Outdoor Sunbed! Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Outdoor Sunbed

Not to brag, but this might just be one of the BEST ideas I have ever had! This sunbed is so comfortable I could definitely fall asleep out here. Barry and I even laid out here and watched fireworks with the twinkle of our string lights in the background!Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Outdoor Sunbed Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Outdoor Sunbed Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Outdoor Sunbed

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Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Outdoor Sunbed Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Outdoor Sunbed Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Outdoor Sunbed Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Outdoor Sunbed

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