Hello everyone! I have been SO busy with the One Room Challenge these past seven weeks, I have completely neglected the holidays and Thanksgiving is on THURSDAY! So clearly I am WAY behind the ball on this, but I am going to prove you can still have a beautiful holiday tablescape last minute. Because who has weeks to prepare for these things anyway?

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So what to do first? Start with what you have. I have a few seasonal table runners I swap out every few months. For fall I have one with colorful leaves, so naturally this was my go to here.

Then I moved onto the plates. I said this before in my Spring Tablescape post as well as my 4th of July BBQ post, if you use white dishes, your possibilities are endless. So I always pair white dishes with festive decor. These white square plates are my favorite!A few years ago, I snagged a four pack of orange salad plates to pair with my brown striped plates I used in my previous kitchen as decor. When used together, they give a very festive fall feel. I bought these many years ago at Target, but these are similarSeveral months ago, I was perusing the aisles of HomeGoods, and saw these gold, cut out, leaf shaped place mats and wouldn’t you know, they jumped into my cart! It’s a good thing they did because those same aisles are now overflowing with Christmas decor. At the time I had no idea what I would do with them, but I knew I could come up with something 😉 

I found the colorful “thankful” napkins at Hobby Lobby on sale for 50% off! The benefits to being a procrastinator!Then I addressed the centerpiece. The glass hurricanes were a HomeGoods find last year and I LOVE them! I use them all the time and swap out the contents to change things up. This is a similar option. I added orange wire pumpkins for some color. I found these in the bargain bins at Target a few years ago.  Then I added the burlap pumpkin to the middle to break up the formal feel. This was also a Target bargain bin find 😉 

Now this may surprise you, but we have a plethora of wine glasses in our arsenal, but these are some of my favorites because of their simplicity and modern lines. I bought these open stock years ago, but these are similar

And that’s how I threw together my last minute Thanksgiving tablescape! The only new items I used were the place mats and napkins! 

Now we’re ready for some turkey! (Currently thawing in the fridge!) Hope everyone has a great time with their families this week! Happy Thanksgiving!


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