Friday Favs | Holiday Gift Guide for the Chef

Happy Friday Friends! Since the holiday season is upon us and we only have 38 days until Christmas (scary seeing that in print, huh?) I decided to bring back Friday Favs to help you out with your Christmas shopping. You’re welcome. When Barry and I aren’t DIYing or renovating something, there is a good chance we are cooking. Barry is more of the chef than me, but we have both really gotten into cooking over the years. Thus, I have come up with some great gift ideas for the chef in your life. Garrison Street Design Studio - Friday Favs | Holiday Gift Guide for the ChefThis post contains affiliate links. For more information, please see my policies.

The Food Lab | Cast Iron Skillet | The Flavor Bible |  Electric Smoker | Sous Vide Precision Cooker | Instant Pot | Wood Cutting Board | Garlic Peeler | Salt Cellar

These all range in price, but are excellent choices for those that love to cook or are just getting into it. I am not going to talk about all of these because I am sure you would stop reading, but I am going to highlight a few.

Giant Cookies and Pizza!!!

What childhood and my adult dreams are made of! A few years ago we received this Cast Iron Skillet (ours is red) for Christmas. Barry really wanted it, but I was indifferent. Now it is one of the MOST used items in our kitchen! Every Friday night we make homemade pizza in it and it is SO GOOD! And did I mention it makes thick chewy, giant skillet cookies? Just call me the cookie monster 😉 Check out my Pinterest board with all my favorite recipes!

Learn from the best

I have heard amazing things about The Food Lab! J Kenji Lopez is a well rounded chef and breaks cooking down simply so everyone can understand. He explains how ingredients work together and how science plays a part. This develops a basis of understanding which eventually makes you the kind of cook or even chef that can experiment with ingredients and create delicious food without a recipe. And let’s be honest, that’s when you really know how to cook!

Reduce prep time

The garlic peeler is one of the best kitchen tools! It’s super affordable, and literally peels your garlic in seconds. That’s right, seconds. We have one and I use fresh garlic all the time now because it is so easy! This clever little gadget is light on the wallet, high on time saving and would make a great stocking suffer!

The best Thanksgiving turkey EVER!

The electric smoker. We have this smoker and let me just say smoked Thanksgiving turkey is the best! For real. I am not a big meat eater and I especially do not like turkey. I know, that’s basically un-American. BUT, when we got our smoker a few years ago and smoked our Thanksgiving turkey, that all changed! It is SO good and I now eat turkey! If you order now, you can get yours just in time for Thanksgiving!

The perfect temperature every time

The sous vide precision cooker is something Barry has had on his wish list for a while. It’s claim to fame is cooking food to the perfect temperature every time. Since I have not tried it yet I have no opinion, but a little birdy told me he may just be getting one for his birthday in a few days 😉

Garrison Street Design Studio - Friday Favs | Holiday Gift Guide for the Chef

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I hope I just helped you cross off the chef on your Christmas shopping list, or maybe I just made you the rock star of Thanksgiving 😉 Seriously, the best turkey!

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Garrison Street Design Studio - Friday Favs | Holiday Gift Guide for the Chef

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