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Happy Friday Friends! We are knee deep in our backyard makeover for the One Room Challenge and this week I threw us a curve ball when I decided to remove our patio ceiling lights and put in a wall mounted fixture instead. So naturally I spent a good amount of time looking at outdoor lights and now I am going to share my findings with you. Garrison Street Design Studio - Friday Favs | Outdoor Wall LightsThis post contains affiliate links.

I must confess, this is an element I have been putting off for a long time. The lights on the front of our house are not even remotely close to my taste. But we need to have our house painted and when we do I am going to be making some big changes to the front. However, the backyard is getting a few upgrades now, so I drank the kool aid and fell for so many of the lights! They are SO much better than ours from the 80s and they are so affordable! I picked out some of my favorites for you, including the light we got, and they are all under $100 right now! (sale prices may apply) Several also come in multiple sizes and finishes 🙂Garrison Street Design Studio - Friday Favs | Outdoor Wall Lights

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With temps warming up and the urge to spend time outside mounting, it’s the perfect time to give the exterior of your home some love! I couldn’t believe how much one fixture changed our back patio. Check out the full story here. We are breathing new life into our outside space and I challenge you to do the same. When those beautiful summer nights are here, you will thank me 🙂

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Garrison Street Design Studio - Friday Favs | Outdoor Wall Lights

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