Happy Friday! In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I have decided to change Friday Favs up a little and give you all a few ideas for the upcoming holiday in case it slipped anyone’s mind. Guys…….I am mostly talking to you, so pay attention. And I am giving you an idea for a sweet, sentimental Valentine’s Day project I just completed 🙂 

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This week I was thinking about our bathroom reno, you know the one that isn’t done yet? And I was thinking about what kind of art I wanted to hang on the walls. I know, I am jumping the gun a little, but I am always at least 5 steps ahead of a project. Anyway, I was feeling compelled to add something sentimental to the bathroom, maybe because it is a private space that only Barry and I will use. So I typed up the lyrics to our wedding song, and by typed up I mean copy and pasted from the internet. Then I printed it out and framed it in a gold frame I had on hand. But if you are not a picture frame hoarder like me, haha, this one is similar. Barry really liked it and I think it will be a great addition to the bathroom when it’s done 😉 And it would make the perfect sentimental, yet budget friendly Valentine’s Day gift!

For a lot of people the obvious choice for Valentine’s Day is jewelry, and I am not one to knock it. That said, I am loving this monogrammed necklace. It comes in all three colors and you could use the initials of you and your spouse, your kids, or just your own name. A great sentimental jewelry gift that could be worn everyday and they are having a great sale for Valentine’s Day!

These custom bar necklaces are also a great choice and a lower price point but still SO stylish! I think I may have to put one on my wish list!

Maybe you enjoy experiences more? We really enjoy cooking and have always wanted to take a cooking class. Did you know you can take cooking classes in person at Sur La Table or online?  This would be a really fun Valentine’s gift for a chef at heart or a foodie. PS. They have a Taco Revolution class, we may have to take that one 🙂

Candles and body care are another great option for Valentine’s Day. I am loving these  candles and body scrubs! I have tried the Colorado Forest candle, a perfect winter smell, and the Cucumber & Mint body scrub which is SO refreshing! A Valentine’s Day gift that brings a spa day to you 🙂

You can also go the more intimate route and pay my friend Victoria a visit. There are lots of options here, including perfume and jammies,  but a personal favorite of mine is the cozy robe.

Food is also a great option especially when it comes in the shape of heart! This waffle iron would make a sweet breakfast in bed and would be really fun for kids to participate in! Guys, I am just going to warn you, if you buy her a waffle iron you MUST write her a really mushy card or it needs to be a gift from the kiddos. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 

For the coffee lover, these stencils and his & her coffee mugs are too cute!

This book would be a really sweet gift for your best gal pal for Galentine’s Day.

For the wine and Scrabble lover, these glasses would be a no brainer! By the way, these fit in the dishwasher so much better than your standard size, just saying 🙂

If you are into pink or have a daughter, this is such a stylish and sweet throw blanket! It would look so cute at the end of a bed or draped over a chair. 

I hope I have given you all some great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget, you only have 12 more days!

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