Friday Favs | Vol 8

Happy Friday! I seriously think those might be my favorite two words in the English language, although it is a close call with Happy Hour 🙂 Anyway. How was your week? Mine was insane. We were so busy we didn’t even really celebrate Valentine’s Day. We exchanged cards, had some heart shaped peanut butter cups, and some wine we love.  We do have something fun planned for this weekend though so we are looking forward to that!

Garrison Street Design Studio - Friday Favs | Vol 8This post contains affiliate links.

Did you catch my Ikea Changing Table Bar Cart Hack earlier this week? If you didn’t, make sure you check it out! I added all four art printables to my library for you for free so make sure you download yours 🙂 One of the items I used on the bar cart that I totally LOVE are the stemless wine glasses. I found ours at HomeGoods, but these are very similar and these are so fun! They are SO convenient because they actually fit in the dishwasher! And for me, that is a must! Garrison Street Design Studio - Friday Favs | Vol 8

Now for a different type of drinking, do you drink enough water? According to the Mayo Clinic, men should be drinking about 12 cups of water a day and women 9 cups. Dude, that’s a lot of water! While I am sure I probably don’t consume quite that much, I do try and have found it really helps me to have a straw! And if you know me, you often see me carrying around one of these water bottles. It is hands down my favorite water bottle! I have tried others, but this one is my favorite. And if I take that 9 cups and just think about how many times I need to fill up my bottle each day, it makes that goal a little more manageable 😉
Garrison Street Design Studio - Friday Favs | Vol 8Garrison Street Design Studio - Friday Favs | Vol 8

Speaking of staying healthy here, how many of you have a gym membership you don’t use? A few years ago we ditched ours because we just weren’t going. And instead we bought two exercise bikes, one for me and one for Barry, and put them in our basement, which I will not show you because you might sign me up for an episode of hoarders. Seriously. Now I would be totally lying if I said we use them every day, but there is something much more enticing about being able to walk downstairs and zone out on my bike while I watch The Royals on Amazon Prime Video. Have you seen it? It’s kind of Game of Thrones meets Real House Wives and I am embarrassed to say, I am totally hooked.

Garrison Street Design Studio - Friday Favs | Vol 8Garrison Street Design Studio - Friday Favs | Vol 8                               Garrison Street Design Studio - Friday Favs | Vol 8Garrison Street Design Studio - Friday Favs | Vol 8

Do you remember the movie Honey I shrunk The Kids? Remember when the dad is searching for the kids in the dark and has that huge head lamp? Can I just say, those have come a long way! Seriously. Barry just ordered a new headlamp because his old one bit the big one. Barry used it last night to look for a missing shoe in his closet, yea his closet needs a makeover too, and it gives off A LOT of light. It has a rechargeable battery and it can be used as just a flashlight or a headlamp. Such a useful tool, but I must admit, I do think of Honey I Shrunk the Kids EVERY time we use it, haha!
Garrison Street Design Studio - Friday Favs | Vol 8Garrison Street Design Studio - Friday Favs | Vol 8A few years ago, I asked for a new backpack for Christmas to haul around my work stuff and laptop. Barry picked this one out for me and I love it! I have used it almost everyday for about 4 years now and it is still kicking strong and looks brand new! But one of my favorite parts is the laptop sleeve in the back pocket. It really does protect it, trust me, its been dropped a few times 🙂 Mine is dark grey and purple/pink which I don’t think they make anymore, but it comes in lots of colors for men and women!



I know this week was an interesting mix of stuff, but these are the things that were on my mind. Can’t explain it 🙂

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I hope you all have a great weekend!Garrison Street Design Studio - Friday Favs | Vol 8

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