I just finished re-designing guest room #1 “aka” The Mountain Room. Now its time to address guest room #2. This room was originally referred to as the blue room because it was painted blue, clever I know!Ironically, this room is still the blue room because it’s still blue…….just a different color. We will get to that though. This room was originally my “design on a dime” room. I think the entire thing cost about $600 including furniture! So I really wanted to start over with this one. While I did like my original design and felt good about how far I stretched the dollar, this design was about 7 years old so it was time for something new. Here is what it originally looked like.

This is what it looked like after we moved in.

For MANY years I wanted to design a room with navy walls and all white furniture. But because of resale factors in our last house, I didn’t want to get too crazy and turn potential buyers away. But now……. we are in what I think will be our “forever” home, that is unless we win the lottery or I find us a project house. Better chances on the latter but don’t tell Barry! So you know what that means………this room was getting Navy blue walls!!! The wall color was really my driving inspiration for this room. The color I chose was Naval by Sherwin Williams in a satin finish.

The next order of business for this room was the furniture. I was not going to replace the mattress as it was used probably a whole 10 times, but I did want a new headboard, nightstands and dresser. For some reason, I decided to take this room a little retro, almost 1970s with geometric patterns. Kind of crazy right? I spent all this time trying to take the 70s out of That 70s House and now I wanted to put it back in? I swear, they aren’t the same, just wait and see. My first stop on the furniture hunt was Craig’s List. My initial thought was to refinish some original 1970s furniture. You know the kind, your parents or grandparents probably have or had at some point with that icky dirty brown color with big chunky embellishments on it and probably a door in the middle of the dresser that has drawers behind it? I searched Craig’s List for weeks but had no luck finding a set that included 2 matching nightstands and a dresser that were the right size. No matter how hard I try, I just cannot do miss matched nightstands. It’s my OCD, I just can’t do it. Seeing my frustration, Barry encouraged me to buy something that was already finished. He also didn’t want to do more work re-finishing furniture. So I started looking at options to buy, but I didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on this. Also, the furniture needed to be white, not off white which seemed to be more of the norm. With that said, I ended up back at Ikea…..seems to be a trend for me. But seriously, for the price, it’s pretty hard to beat. Like I have mentioned before, it will probably not last forever, but in this case I was putting it in a room that RARELY gets used so it seemed like a no brainer. Although this was a departure from my original idea, I realized simple furniture would probably work best with all the patterns I wanted to use. The pieces I chose were all from the Malm series in of course, white. We bought two 3 drawer Malm chests for the nightstands and one 6 drawer chest as the dresser.

To give this room something it never had, I wanted to buy or make a headboard for the bed. Again, I really wanted something white to pop off the dark walls. Since we replaced the old headboard from Guest Room #1, I considered re-upholstering it and re-using it in this room. I made that headboard almost a decade ago, but it would basically be free minus the cost of fabric, and who can argue with free? I looked at the local fabric stores but none of them had the look I was going for. Then when we were at Ikea buying the furniture, I noticed this geometric navy and white duvet cover called Flong……it was perfect! I bought it in a twin and it was only $19!

When it came to accessorizing this room, I really had fun with it and introduced orange as my accent color. I found some really great pillows from Ross, Home Goods and Burlington Coat factory (of all places). I bought the new lamps from Hobby Lobby as well as a geometric candle holder and orange picture frame. I recycled two vases I already had by spray painting them white. I found two matching white candle holders at Home Goods and a new white mirror for above the dresser. The curtains I chose are plain white with a circle design in the fabric which came from Bed Bath and Beyond. The bedding was recycled from the previous design but I did buy a new white bed skirt and risers to raise the bed.

The artwork for this room was created in much the same way as “The Mountain Room”. I saw an expensive option I liked and then looked for a print on Art.com that was similar. Since I was going with a Geometric look, I completely loved these prints that reminded me of a Spirograph drawing. Man, that was one of my favorite art toys as a kid! One of my very first “career goals” at age 5 was to be an artist pediatrician with the idea that I would draw pictures for my patients……..so really I just wanted to be a rich artist, lol! Anyway, my Spirograph pictures. I thought about making my own, but the prints on Art.com were really affordable and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get them as big as I was wanting. So I bought them. For the frames, I did the same thing I did in the other guest room. I bought pre-framed art and took out the pictures the frames came with and added my prints. I ordered Spirograph By Pop Ink – CSA Images, Atomic By Pop Ink – CSA Images, and Haze By Petr Strnad and this is what they looked like once I framed them.

Print – Spirograph By Pop Ink – CSA Images

Print – Atomic By Pop Ink – CSA Images

Print – Haze By Petr Strnad

These were the frames I bought and removed the art.

This is the finished room! My design evolved a little throughout the process, but I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

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