I know it seems like forever ago when we last talked about our Master Bedroom Makeover, but guys, its now 100% complete! For a long time, it sat at about 85% completion mostly because we were waiting on our new doors, but everything is now in and hung and for the first time EVER we have a door to the bathroom! Never mind that we still cannot use the bathroom, but if you saw my insta stories over the weekend, you know we are back at the tiling!This post contains affiliate links.

So let’s take a trip down memory lane shall we. In the very beginning, the bedroom looked like this. Not great.

Then we put some lipstick on the pig, and called it good. 

Then we tore the WHOLE room apart and started over. Like, way over. 

And now I am happy to report, it looks like this!

We replaced the old dingy carpet with wood and added a shiplap accent wall. New baseboards and trim went up along with a barn door to the bathroom and a new door to the bedroom. Can you believe we never had a door to the bathroom before? 

We made the upholstered bed because I couldn’t bring myself to spend thousands on buying one. FYI, I only spent about $300 the one we made and I really do love it!

When we originally moved in, I fell in love with these dressers from Crate and Barrel, but I couldn’t justify the cost. So when I found these look a likes at Ikea for a third of the cost, I was thrilled! Six years later, they are holding up quite well and I still love the look, so we chose not to replace them. I did, however, add a lot of new accessories! Including my major score with these Kate Spade lamps from HomeGoods for only $70 each!

There are even pictures in our frames now! If you have spent some time on the blog you may have noticed a lot of our frames are empty because, well, sometimes I get lazy! But they ALL have pictures now 🙂 

I kind of have a thing for lamps so when I found this small, faux marble lamp at Walmart of all places, I had to have it!

You might think the jar of sand is strange, but this is our unity sand from our wedding! Funny story about this. I didn’t like the wedding sand kits because they were a little cheesy, so I found this apothecary jar at HomeGoods (like you have to ask) and I bought two bags of sand at the craft store. Well it turns out the kits are much smaller for a reason. Do you know how long it takes two people to carefully pour sand into a jar this size while 125 people are watching? Our minister even made a joke about us almost being done and I spilled some of my sand, haha! So if you are getting married, learn from my mistake 🙂

We also added a large area rug for under the bed. I was a bit nervous about buying a rug online, but I actually really like this one. In fact, I may order it in a runner for our bathroom. 

One of the strangely exciting parts of this makeover for me was finding bedding that was long enough on the sides. This has always been a hot button for me especially since we have a tall mattress. So how did I do it? I used this duvet cover as a bedspread so to speak, meaning it just lays on top of the bed. Then I stuffed our comforter into this duvet cover. I know it seems silly to have two, but it really works out well. The top layer stays clean because it’s only on the bed when it’s made and it is long enough because there is nothing inside it. And the bottom duvet is what we actually sleep with which is so soft and washes really well. Silly or not, it was still cheaper than having custom bedding made.

If you follow me on Instagram or caught my Friday Favs post last week, you know I have been learning to sew. My first project was this pillow I made with the leftover fabric from the bed. 

The art behind the chair was a DIY I will be posting about soon. But until then, here is a close up. 

The room really has come a long way and we are all enjoying it, even Moka!

Now if only we could finish that bathroom! We really are working on that, I swear! 


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4 comments on “Modern Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal”

    • Thank you so much Shelley! The rug was definitely a pleasant surprise. Can’t beat it for the price! And the wall….let’s just say there is a reason there is not a tutorial 🙂

  • It looks great, Lisa! I love your gray doors! It’s frustrating how long big changes can take, but clearly it’s worth it in the end! Can’t wait to see your bathroom!

    • Thank you so much Anna! We painted our old doors black which I also really liked, but since we are slowly replacing them I wanted to change it up with some dark gray doors instead 🙂 We were hard at work on the bathroom over the weekend so hopefully sooner rather than later? 😉

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