After a lot of hard work downstairs, we moved onto the upstairs to address our 1st guest bedroom next. This room needed to be painted and was getting a ceiling fan. Below is what the room looked like before we moved in. It was a bit blah. 

Again, keeping budget in mind, I recycled a lot of elements from our old house so this room would be utilizing some of the elements we previously had in our master bedroom. When we moved to Colorado, we had to part ways with some of our furniture because it wouldn’t fit it on the Penske moving truck we rented. Our old master bedroom furniture was on the list of items that didn’t make the cut, mostly because there were just too many pieces and it took up too much space and I was ready for something new :). So now we had to find some replacement furniture. Where did I look first? Well Craig’s List of course! I just LOVE Craig’s list. It’s like garage sale-ing only I don’t have to get off my couch to do it. I found a bedroom set I thought would be perfect for the room and at $100 for two night stands and a dresser, it fit the bill. It did need to be refinished, but I love doing that. Since I was recycling bedding, pillows, lamps and curtains I already had, I picked a color that I thought went well with all of those, Belle Grove Light Amber by Valspar in a satin finish.

For the furniture, I painted all of the pieces Sumatra Blend by Valspar in a semi gloss finish. I also changed out the hardware to give it a more modern feel.

We also added a ceiling fan to this room to replace the dated light fixture. From a design perspective, I know there can be a lot of controversy over ceiling fans. Which I completely understand, however, there is nothing I hate more than being hot while I sleep. With three of our bedrooms over the garage, the fans won the argument in this case. This is the fan we chose.

Once the room was painted and furniture was refinished, it was just a matter of putting it all together. Below is the finished product!

Like our other guest room, I knew I would probably re-design this room at some point when I had a bit more time and budget to dedicate to it. Below is a sneak peak of the re-design I did later. You can read the full post here.

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