Hi there! We are almost done with all of the pre-move in updates but we haven’t gotten to our bedrooms yet. The upstairs of That 70s House consists of three bedrooms and two bathrooms, all of which needed to be painted before moving in.I know, can you believe all of this fit into our two week timeline? Luckily we were only painting these rooms and adding ceiling fans, only. In this post I am going to cover one of the guest rooms, which we call the “blue room” which will be obvious soon. Here are the before pictures. Pretty tired looking.

So first things first. I picked out the paint color. This room was going to be decorated using items I had previously used in our old house, so I chose to use the same paint color I used before, which made this one pretty easy. We used Autumn Fog by Valspar in a Satin finish.

We also added a ceiling fan to this room. In Colorado a lot of the older homes do not have central air, but rather a swamp cooler or evaporative cooler. They are very common in desert climates where humidity is scarce. Our swamp cooler is on our roof and vents through the upstairs ceilings, but it also helps to circulate the air with this type of system, so we put fans in all the bedrooms. When we first started house hunting I couldn’t understand why all the houses had their AC on the roof, lol! We chose this fan for the room.When I originally designed this room I had a pretty tight budget and had literally no furniture for the room, so I had to be creative! I found an inexpensive mattress (lets be honest…..cheap) from a discount store, a dresser from a thrift store and some black TV trays I found for $10 each to be used as my nightstands. I wanted to do a “modern beach” room. Meaning I didn’t want it to be real cutesy or rustic but I wanted to incorporate some elements of the beach that I loved while maintaining clean lines. I used a simple color pallet of light blue, white and black. With budget in mind and no headboard, I did a gallery wall in black and white photos above the bed and used pictures I had taken when we were on vacation the Dominican Republic several years back. It wasn’t anything fancy but it did the job and I liked it 🙂 Below is how it turned out. Not bad for less than $600, including all the furniture! I knew at some point I would want to re-design this room, but for now this would work.

Below is a sneak peak of the re-design I later did. You can read the full post here.

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