Guess who has a new closet? Yep. It’s me!!! And I couldn’t be more excited!!! I have been waiting and dreaming about this day for far too long, not to mention living through the crazy chaos of moving out of our room and my closet for five months! So are you ready for this? Here she is!So lets talk about where we started. If you missed the original plans, you can catch up on that here. This closet was just not functional before. It was always messy because it had poorly thought out storage (that wasn’t me) and it didn’t have much to offer with shallow depths on each side of the doorway. I’m not sure if you noticed, but all the hangers in there are kids hangers because adult hangers were too wide and blocked the doorway. Um yea. It was bad.Β I came up with a solution to solve all of those woes by moving the doorway over, making one side deeper to allow for real hangers. If you are in the Denver area and need some kids hangers, let me know, I have about 150 that I no longer need. Haha! This is how I reconfigured the space.

With the new layout, I was able to design an AMAZINGLY functional closet with the PAX closet system from Ikea. And the best part is, it was totally normal person affordable! If you recall, I looked into some custom options that were pretty pricey and didn’t offer much bang for the buck. I am happy to share this came in at just less than $1,000! And it Pax a lot of storage. πŸ™‚ I have 160 hangers in here and 68 pairs of shoes! Can you believe that?!?! Here is a closer look.

One of the greatest parts about this system is how customizable it is! I completely tailored it to my needs. One of my biggest challenges before was my need for shoe storage. Since each Pax unit is sold in two different depths and three widths, I chose to use the shallower version for my shoes on the back, right corner of the closet. Ikea does sell special shoe drawers and shelves, but I was trying to maximize the number I could fit. After some good old math, I determined the normal shelves allowed me the largest capacity.

Another big issue with my old closet was folded items, like sweaters. I had some modular cubies before, but they were always a mess and the item I wanted was always on the bottom. And if I didn’t stack them just right, they wouldn’t fit or they would topple over. Not to mention how much I loathed putting my clothes away because it was such a pain to play tetris every time. To fix this problem I used a shallow Pax frame with 14 shelves. Because I spaced the shelves very close together, each shelf can only hold about four items, which makes finding clothes and putting them away much easier!

Now lets talk about hanging clothes. I used two deeper Pax units side by side for my hanging clothes. Most of my hanging clothes are not that long, probably because I am not that tall πŸ™‚ So I could easily divide the left front unit into double hanging storage. The back left unit houses all of my dresses, some of which are longer, so I used aΒ subdivider to make a small section for short hanging items while still leaving tall space above it and to the right of it for longer items.

With this makeover, I also decided to switch to wooden hangers. Since I was ditching all my child sized hangers, I figured now was the time. I did consider the skinny velvet hangers, but turned them down for one big reason. The wooden hangers create an automatic spacing between clothes which doesn’t allow you to overcrowd the closet. I was able to fit 150 of these hangers in here, so I figure if I run out of space, it’s probably time to donate some stuff πŸ™‚

Now lets get to my favorite part, the accessory drawers! I seriously LOVE these!!! I knew from the moment I saw them I needed them in my life. Confession. Like shoes, I have a small addiction to sunglasses and jewelry. Previously, the location of my sunglasses was regularly unknown because they didn’t have a real home. But now I have this!

Earrings. So I have had my ears pierced since I was five. And not because my mom made me, but because I BEGGED and cried when she said no. Then I got a second hole some time in middle school. I still have both. One might say I have a thing for earrings. In my old closet they resided in one of four hanging plastic dividers. Which totally worked, but it was hard to find things when I was in a hurry, which is almost all the time. Now, I have three jewelry drawers! One for gold earrings, one for silver earrings, and one for bracelets and watches. And my heart does the happy dance!

And I was even able to fit a slide out belt hanger! I never really had an accessible place for belts before, but now I do!

So now do you want your own custom Ikea closet? Here is the shopping list from my closet.

Shoe Pax Unit
Shelves For Shoe Unit – 7
Folded Clothes Pax Unit
Shelves For Folded Clothes – 14
Hanging Clothes Pax Units – 2
Clothes Rail – 2
Subdivider for Pax Unit
Clothes Rail for Subdivider
Accessory Drawer
Glass Shelf for Accessory Drawer
Jewelry Drawers – 3
Wooden Hangers – 20
Belt Hanger
Fur Rug
Storage Bins
Light FixtureΒ – we already had this

I have to say, this new configuration is already paying dividends! I now know where everything is and am so much more motivated to put things back in their place πŸ™‚ This walk-in closet is only 25 sqft! Can you believe I fit this much into 25 sqft?! This small walk-in closet really PAX a lot in πŸ™‚

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4 comments on “Small Walk-In Closet PAX Big Storage”

  • Awesome, Lisa! And so good to see details about the PAX system. I desperately need to spruce up my kids’ closets but I just can’t bring myself to invest in pricey closet organization systems right now. This seems like a great option — one that’s functional, flexible, AND pretty inexpensive. Thanks for the inspo!

    • Thank you so much Kate! I know, some closet systems are my budget for several rooms! It was a relief to be able to do so much with a realistic budget. So far I am very happy with the PAX system πŸ˜‹ And PS. This was NOT a sponsored post πŸ˜‰

  • Wow! I can’t believe how much you fit into the space. This leaves me completely envious πŸ™‚ but also inspired as my closet is in desperate need of some organization.

    • Thank you so much Shelley! You are so sweet! This is definitely something that was on the list for a long time! Now I just wish I had done it sooner. If you decide to go with the PAX, I’d be happy to answer any questions πŸ™‚

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