Is it just me or is there something about having the Christmas tree up that just puts you in that holiday mood? Seriously, the first thing I want to do when I wake up is plug in the tree, is that weird? Well today I got another stray holiday hair and decided on a whim to make some holiday art to hang in our living room. I am trying to keep the Christmas decorations simple this year because what goes up my friends must come down. And let’s face it, taking decorations down isn’t nearly as fun as putting them up. With my simple motto in mind and spending ZERO dollars, I came up with this easy printable which I framed and hung in between the windows in our living room. It adds just the right amount of Christmas cheer! Now, let me show you how to make your own in 8 easy steps!

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Step 1 – Subscribe here 🙂

Step 2 – Check your email and confirm your subscription. Download and print your free printable from the link I sent you. I printed mine on plain white paper.

Step 3 – Use a gold sharpie to color the stars on the printable. I made the stars gold on the free printable, but we are out of colored ink so I used the gold Sharpie I already had to make mine gold and metallic 😉 I told you, I spent $0 making this.

Step 4 – Trim the edges to fit the frame. I only had to trim a little off each edge. I used two 8×10 frames (without mattes) I had lying around in the basement from our old bathroom decor. One of the few advantages to being a decor hoarder 😉 If you don’t have a stack of unused frames in your basement (although I can’t see why you wouldn’t 😉 ) these are similar

Step 5 – Insert “Merry” printable into frame. Repeat with “Christmas” printable.

Step 6 – Hang those beauties on the wall. I hung mine on the wall as a vertical duo, but they could also be displayed horizontally or table top if you prefer. 

Step 7 – Measure the distance between the two frames and remove them from the wall. Then cut a piece of ribbon 1 1/2 inches longer than the distance and attach it to the back of the frames with duct tape. I used gold sparkly ribbon I had left over from my Faux Fur Christmas Wreath, but you could use any color really. I would have gone with this one if I didn’t already have some. 

Step 8 – Carefully re-hang the frames on the wall. The ribbon is purely decorative and does not hold the weight so I hung the bottom frame first so it didn’t come loose. And then you are done!

Definitely adds some simple holiday cheer to any room and the best part is, I spent NO money on this!Be sure to subscribe and receive your free printable so you can make your own DIY Christmas art! This free printable is exclusively available to my AWESOME subscribers! 

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