Hello, hello! Did everyone have a nice Thanksgiving? It’s hard to believe it is over already, but as retailers have been telling us for months now, Christmas time is in full swing! Over the weekend we broke out all of our decorations and got to work making our house feel like Christmas. If you follow me on Instagram, you know we were MAJORLY distracted by the Harry Potter marathon on TV. Seriously. I get sucked in EVERY time! Even though our Christmas tree sits half decorated as I write this, I did finally get to making this faux fur Christmas wreath I dreamed up last year! Talk about procrastination huh? The good news is the wreath is done and I am going to show you how I did it. And the best part is, no sewing and no glue! Win, win. And don’t forget, if you love an image hover over it and save to Pinterest!

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So how did I do it? Well first, I gathered the following supplies.

Styrofoam Wreath Ring (mine is 14 inches)
Wooden Letters (mine are from JoAnn Fabrics, not available online)
Spray Paint (I used what we had)
Faux Fur Fabric (mine is from JoAnn Fabrics, not available online)
Straight Pins
Sewing Scissors (they need to be pretty sharp for this type of fabric)
Fishing Line
Vacuum Cleaner

I started off by spray painting my letters. I used a silver and gold metallic which gave it a champagne color. I chose two colors because 1) I already had them left over from other projects and 2) I liked the idea of a muted metallic rather than just silver or just gold.

First, I sprayed the letters liberally with the silver. 

Then I came back and lightly sprayed them with the gold. I have to be honest, I am not a huge fan of this gold Valspar spray paint because the spray somehow goes everywhere and rubs off a little when its dry. So if you don’t already have some on hand, I would probably stick to the Rustoleum.

Once the letters were dry, I moved on to the wreath itself. 

I first cut the faux fur into a long strip. I bought about a yard of this fabric (on sale for 50% off of course) which was far more than I needed but I intend to use the excess for another project. So I cut the fabric on the short side (36 inches vs 56). 

I then took my strip of fur and attached the end to the styrofoam with three straight pins. One on each end and one in the middle to hold it in place. The styrofaom is thick so I pushed them in all the way. Once the end of the fabric was secure, I began to wrap it around the wreath. 

I pulled the fabric tight, but not so tight you would see the overlap. At the end of my first strip, I used three more straight pins to secure the end in place. Note, I only pined the fabric to the ring at the beginning and the end of each strip. Before I moved on to my next piece, I fluffed up the fabric and made sure there were no exposed areas or obvious seams. I recommend using a long haired faux fur to keep from seeing the wrapped seams. Then I repeated this with another strip of fabric until the wreath was covered. 

When I reached the end, I had a small amount of fabric left over. Before I cut it off, I again fluffed up the fur and made sure the wreath was covered well. Then I secured the last end with my straight pins on the back and cut the excess off from the back. I do not recommend cutting the excess off in the front because it may be noticeable. 

With all the fur in place, I cleaned up a little because I was inhaling fur with every breathe……now you know why the vacuum cleaner was on the list of supplies 😉 

Next, I laid out my letters where I wanted them to hang to get the placement correct. 

Once they were in position, I tied a long piece of fishing line to the top of the letters between the “N” and the “O”. 

Then, I attached the other end of the fishing line to the top of the wreath by pulling it tight in a knot. Since the line is clear and the fur is long, the tied end is hidden. In order to hang the wreath, I added ribbon to the top. I tied one small piece to the top of the wreath with a knot on the back. 

I then cut a second, longer piece of ribbon which I looped through the first piece and tied it in a knot. 

With the wreath complete, it was ready to hang!  

I made this wreath with the intention of using it indoors as I am not sure how this fabric would hold up to the elements. While I chose to hang it on the back of the front door, it could also be hung over a mirror, on the wall, or over a window.

I wanted to keep this wreath neutral for versatility as I often switch Christmas decor up from year to year. But I love how the gold sparkly ribbon and the metallic letters add a little holiday bling to the cozy feel of the fur.  

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