What’s for dinner? The age old question at our house. Let’s just say meal planning is not our specialty. If we don’t have a plan in advance, we end up tossing some quesadillas in the oven and calling that dinner. And while I do love quesadillas, a more balanced meal is usually the goal.To help us master this task, I decided to start making a menu over the weekend for the upcoming week. This way we can buy any groceries needed and have time to prep. Initially, I bought a dry erase board from the dollar store to hang on the fridge with the week’s plan.

Definitely nothing fancy.

While this inexpensive option served its purpose, I have been wanting a more stylish menu that was easier to convert from week to week. Inevitably, I end up having to re-write all the days of the week when I accidentally erase some of them, which I hate doing. Then I saw these magnetic letters.

I am pretty sure every child of the 80s had these, am I wrong? I have seen many cute projects done with these on Pinterest, but I never had a purpose for them myself, until now. These would be perfect for days of the week on my menu board!

When I was at the store picking up my magnetic letters, I found a small cookie sheet for only $0.88, which would be perfect for the base of my menu.

The only problem left to solve was how to write on it? I used dry erase markers on my old menu board, but I didn’t think that would work on a cookie sheet. Then I saw the chalkboard paint. I tend to gravitate toward chalkboard items because of the ease of erasing them. And with a chalk pencil, you get nice crisp writing.

Because my magnetic letters came in a multitude of colors, I also picked up some silver spray paint to unify them.

With all the components for my menu board, I headed home to get started.

First, I spray painted my letters and my cookie sheet.

Once everything was dry, I added magnetic strips to the cookie sheet so it would stick to the fridge.

Then I arranged my letters and wrote up the weeks menu.

This entire project cost me only $13 and it is a much more attractive way to display the weekly plan! You could also use this to help keep track of weekly events or tasks for the family. Truly multi-purpose 🙂

I think my favorite dinner is Saturday night!

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