I am finding organizing to be a bit addicting these days. If you caught my 2018 resolutions, you know this is a very good thing for me right now since organization was at the top of my goals. We all have “those spots” around the house we avoid like the plague because looking at them too long endues panic attacks. Seriously, don’t get me started on our basement or garage. But I am taking baby steps to someday tackle those. So this last week I addressed under our kitchen sink. A much overdue task.

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Like most people, we use the kitchen sink daily. But unless I was reaching for the dish soap or dishwasher detergent, I HATED looking for things under there because it was complete and utter chaos. See for yourself.

Seriously, how many plastic bags can one hoard? I might be able to break a record, just saying. The first thing I did was take everything out to see what I was working with. There were two things that surprised me. A) It turns out we were not out of toilet bowl cleaner. There was a full bottle hiding in there. Well, now we have two. B) I was also hoarding wine bottles under there I believe for a wine craft I thought of years ago? So unnecessary considering the volume of wine we regularly consume. 😉 

I tossed all the items that were questionable and relocated the items that didn’t belong under there, like the toilet bowl cleaner. And I even found a grocery bag dispenser hiding on the bottom. I knew we had one of these somewhere 🙂 

With everything cleaned out, now I knew what I was working with. 

First, I lined the bottom of the cabinet with this shelf liner. 

It already feels so much better, doesn’t it? And I love this pattern!  Then I picked up some baskets to corral all the supplies we store under there. I found these at Target and they come in a variety of colors and sizes.  

I also picked up a small plastic storage drawer for some of the smaller items, like my cook-top cleaning supplies, extra sponges, and drain stoppers. These things always seem to get lost in the back. 

PSA. Do any of you have a glass cook-top? If you do, you know what a pain they are to clean. But this is my go to for cleaning ours and it really works! We have used others but this one is my favorite. It came with the yellow scrubber and the blue razor blade scraper. I use the scraper to loosen really stuck on gunk and then use the yellow pad to scrub it all off. This stuff is legit. Back to the organization. I chose a few different sized bins so no bin was too full because then you stop putting things away and you are back to my before photo and no one wants that. So I filled one bin with dish soap, dishwasher detergent, rinse aid, a magic eraser, and a small bottle of lotion for dry dish hands.  Another bin was filled with the granite cleaner, furniture polish, and extra hand soap. 

On top of the plastic drawers I added a mini bin to house wet sponges. I really hate leaving them out on the counter and we don’t use a drying rack. Why? I have an OCD issue with countertop clutter. Ironically though, I am totally fine with hidden clutter, like the before status of under the sink, haha! 

I used the last bin for items that were left over like glass cleaner, sink cleaner,  and cook-top cleaner.  And I still had room to mount my long lost grocery bag dispenser to the side of the cabinet. This probably has the biggest impact considering our mass hoarding of bags.  Now everything has a home under the sink, I can find things, and it doesn’t look like we are bag hoarders anymore 🙂 This was a really easy project that only took me about an hour to do but it’s simplicity makes it even easier to maintain. Now who wants to go organize under their kitchen sink?

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  • We did the same to our bathroom cabinets two weeks ago! We need to tackle our kitchen cabinets too. Love that these baskets you used are practical and look good!

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