Hey everyone! It’s a new year and if you saw my Goals and Resolutions for 2018 you know getting organized and staying organized is a big one for me this year. I can organize pretty much anything and keep it looking good temporarily. The big problem seems to unfold when not everything has a true home. I can tidy a space and make it look pretty, but let’s be real, unless everything has a true resting place, it will never stay that way. 

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Last year we completed my new closet and I must say I am LOVING it!  The best part is, I am actually staying organized because I gave everything a proper home in here. But if you know me well, you probably had one lingering question after reading my reveal post. Where did she put all of her necklaces? I showed you all of my accessory drawers but no necklaces. But guess what? They were there the whole time, hiding in plain sight.

See it’s true! And they are still completely organized. I knew when I designed my closet I was going to have to get creative with the necklace storage because I probably have too many. But when you see a clearance rack with necklaces for $1.50 each, how can you not buy all 10? I may or may not have actually done that 🙂

So how did I do it? First, I bought the Nissedal mirror at Ikea.

Then I picked up 3 packages of command hooks. I have to say, I have never used command hooks before, so I was a bit skeptical. But they are holding up quite well, even with my heavier necklaces.

When I chose the Nissedal mirror from Ikea, I knew I wanted to hang it on hinges so I could hide all of my necklaces behind it. What I didn’t know was it came with the hinges! I should have known when I saw the mirror on display at my local store because they hung three together like in a dressing room with the outside two on hinges. Well, it comes with those hinges! 🙂 It did not come with mounting screws though. And of course, there was not a stud where I wanted to hang it, so we used pop toggles to hold the weight.

Before hanging the mirror, I laid out a bunch of necklaces on the back to get an idea on spacing.

Then we hung the mirror and I got started adding my hooks. I attached the hooks on the back of the mirror first. I would love to tell you I measured all this out, but I didn’t. I winged it. I hung the first hook and used my first two fingers to space out the next one. When I got to the second row I staggered it so the necklaces above it would not get tangled.

I chose to hang all of my longer and lighter necklaces on the back of the mirror to save it from extra weight and hung all of my shorter and chunkier necklaces on the wall. I chose my spacing on the wall based on what I planned to hang.

Surprisingly, I was able to fit 29 necklaces behind the mirror! Can you believe that?

On the wall I was able to hang 36 necklaces! That’s 65 in total all hidden behind this mirror! I don’t have too many do I? 😉 

Now, I not only have a fully organized space for my clothes and shoes, but I also have a great place to store and hide all my necklaces! 

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